Psychic readers come as a blessing in times of uncertainty when people are looking for a way to get advice or clarity about certain aspects of life. Psychics have been around for decades, offering their services and special abilities to help people in need. Naturally, the word “psychic” might make you picture an old or middle-aged lady sitting in a tent, peering into a crystal ball. It was the traditional way of getting a psychic reading, where you would visit the psychic physically. There are also some of the best tarot reading sites you can try.

Whether you want a reading regarding love, success, education, family, or your future, an online psychic reading platform will help answer your questions.

We have compiled a list of the best online psychic reading websites to help make your choice easier. We also explain how we chose these sites and provide additional information in this article.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Online Psychic Reading Websites Of 2022

  • Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Site, Editor’s Pick
  • Psychic Source – Top Choice For Online Tarot Reading & Psychic Reading
  • AskNow – Highly Popular For Reading Zodiac Signs

  • Kasamba – Prime Site To Get Free Online Psychic Sessions 
  • Keen – Most Recommended & Affordable Site For Virtual Psychic Reading
  • Mysticsense –  Most Popular Online Tarot Reading Site 

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Site, Editor’s Pick


Purple Garden is a top-rated online psychic website, even though it is quite new. The services and the online psychics available are top-notch. Many major publications have featured this website, and customers have given positive reviews for its services.

The website has an interactive design that aids customers in finding a suitable reader for their online reading. The tarot card readings are especially praised by customers and are one of the highly liked services of Purple Garden.

The psychic readers offer you real-time advice and predictions. They are not bots with pre-written answers but real experts who give real answers to your questions. Some psychic advisors help clients find the right reader for their online session. For example, if someone wants a tarot reading but is unsure which psychic is the best for it, an advisor can help make your choice easier.

Purple Garden is one of the few best tarot reading websites offering real-time advisors, which draws more customers to their psychic reading online site. Customers prefer a site that gives them good services and accurate readings and is worth their money. Purple Garden also offers a free psychic reading online service where customers get a few trial minutes free, so they understand the service fully before paying for it.

Such websites create a sense of trust between the client and the website. You can choose from many psychic mediums such as online tarot readings, love reading, angel insights, dream interpretation, horoscopes, and more. The contact mediums include psychic readings by phone, video calls, and chat readings.

The tarot reading service is the most popular on this website, and clients have claimed that the results have been life-changing.

  • Get free initial minutes
  • Top-rated tarot readers
  • Contact psychics via phone, video, or chat
  • Featured in major publications

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Psychic Source–  Top Choice For Online Tarot Reading & Psychic Reading

When you utilize Psychic Source, you will have access to psychics that specialize in a variety of disciplines. It has evolved into a one-stop-shop for people seeking accurate, love tarot reading, birth chart translation, numerology, aura readings, pet readings, rune casting, and other services.

Of course, having so many alternatives might be perplexing for people who are unfamiliar with this domain. Psychic Source, unlike many other sites, does not depend primarily on user ratings to assess its psychics, but instead relies on background checks, test readings, and personal interviews to verify that all of its psychics are qualified.

The benefit is that all of the psychics are available at all times of the day. To get the most out of their support, you may call them at any time of day. It is one of the rare websites that also provides the option of sending a session-related email to the users.

  • Offers free psychic reading
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Diverse selection of readings accessible
  • Psychics are subjected to background checks

=> Click here to visit the official website of Psychic Source

#3. AskNow – Highly Popular For Reading Zodiac Signs

AskNow is one of the best astrology sites on the internet that has been active since 2004. It provides one of the best psychic reading and tarot reading services in the industry.

If you’re looking for a horoscope reader who matches your needs, then AskNow’s smooth interface will help you find one. Just scroll through a vast range of psychic profiles containing their experience, rates, specialization, location, and ratings, then select the one that suits you most.

Its team of psychic counselors, mediums, horoscope readers and spiritual guides is highly trained, with years of experience. They counsel customers on any problems they’re going through via phone, online chat, and video calls. They guarantee that all your data is protected and secured.

There’s also an option to seek advice without revealing your identity, so start using AskNow today and unlock a lifetime’s worth of wisdom and guidance.

  • Mobile-friendly (both Android and iOS)
  • First-time users get their first 5 minutes free
  • Bilingual speakers
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes

  • Master and elite level psychics charge per minute

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4. Kasamba – Top Choice For Online Tarot Reading & Psychic Reading


Kasamba is a famous psychic reading site, established around 1999. It is especially known for its excellent astrological and tarot readings. It has served more than three million customers and gained lots of praise over the years.

Video calls and phone psychics are unavailable on Kasamba, but you can use chat readings or email. Kasamba offers a variety of psychic reading types, such as tarot cards, astronomy, love readings, and more.

Kasamba provides elaborate psychic profiles for the readers registered on their site. It provides transparency to the customers so they can learn more about the psychic, their experience, specialization of psychic source, etc. Customers have the right to know what they are paying for and what they should expect from online psychics on their website. Previous clients leave reviews, thoughts, and feedback on their chosen psychic.

Kasamba’s top psychics section lists the top-rated online psychics on the website, so you can choose one from this list if you are unsure who to choose.

Newbies get the first three minutes free and a special discount of 50% for the rest of the reading. The free minutes are available for each psychic service, so you can experience them and choose the perfect medium. Offering free minutes is an ideal way to build trust between the company, the client, and the psychic. Customers prefer websites that allow them to test a service for free before paying for it to make a knowledgeable decision.

Kasamba is an excellent choice if you are looking for the most experienced and best online psychics. You can choose from a pool of diverse people and select the service you wish to try.

  • Multiple methods of psychic readings are available
  • Detailed profiles of psychics
  • The website features a top psychics section
  • Trusted company since 1999

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#5. Keen Psychics – Most Recommended & Affordable Site For Virtual Psychic Reading


Keen is a psychic online site home to many experienced psychics and a large client base. It is a veteran site that was established over 20 years ago. Nonetheless, it keeps its website fresh and up-to-date. The website has been featured in famous publications like Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Bustle.

Keen psychics offer a multitude of services, including chat and phone readings. If you prefer email, then you can opt for that too. Since it is an older website, it has the most number of online psychics with more than 1700 incredible experts. Whether you want astrological readings, numerology, mediumship, angel insights, or career advice, you will find a service on Keen.

The website’s interactive interface helps clients choose a psychic according to the type of psychic medium they prefer. You can refine your search by choosing ratings, price, expertise, and other options. Psychic listings are available if you want to read the bio and check the ratings of a psychic.

Once satisfied with your choice of psychic, you can book them for a phone psychic reading online or any other communication medium that suits you. They also have an app compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Keen psychics offer free psychic reading for the first three minutes. Clients can benefit from promotions and deals on the website from time to time, especially new customers. They offer a special offer of $1.99 that gives you a ten-minute consultation from an expert psychic at a very low cost.

They have the best online psychics that will help you gain clarity about your life. Their prices are also economical, considering the top-notch quality of their online services.

  • Talented and reliable psychics
  • The largest number of online psychics
  • Special discount for new customers
  • Customer ratings and feedback are available on the website

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#6. MysticSense – Most Popular Online Tarot Reading Site


A variety of top psychic advisors, expert readers, and psychic sources are available at Mysticsense. You can refine your search results by type of reading, expertise, specialty, and topic. It is in our top 4 list as customers have rated it one of the best online psychic reading platforms.

Top websites offer a decent amount of psychic reading mediums like fortune-telling, life advice, spiritual readings, etc. Mysticsense offers all these categories and several others, giving clients many different options to choose from to get the best readings.

The online psychics are highly competent and make correct readings. Special filters allow you to search by themes such as career, family, love, education, friendships, and relationships. These filters aid clients in choosing the best online psychics for their psychic reading. The psychics give you readings based on the information you provide to Mysticsense.

Mysticsense psychics use interesting divination tools to make readings like crystals, runes, cards, and other objects. It helps them make a good impression, stand out from the crowd, and attract customers to their site. You can use these topics in your filters to search for psychics experienced in these areas.

Another unique aspect of Mysticsense is that it allows you to choose online psychics based on their tone and nature. After a psychic makes a reading, they must make their client understand it as well since each of us processes information differently. So, for your psychic reading, you can choose someone who has an expressive, wise, sympathetic, or contemplative tone.

  • Excellent filter-based search methods
  • Competitive rates
  • The latest articles and group forums are available on the website
  • Accurate and reliable readings

=> Click here to visit the official website of MysticSense

What Exactly is Psychic Reading?

An expert performs a psychic reading using a psychic source to predict their client’s future. You can visit a psychic in person or use an online psychic reading site.

People with psychic abilities can look into your past, present, and future. However, the best online psychics take their time and explain their readings to you until you are satisfied, instead of making vague guesses. Experienced psychics offer readings that help you make decisions and achieve your goals.

Go for the best online psychic readings by top websites. They offer different mediums and methods you can choose from for online reading. Some psychics use online tarot cards, tea leaves, and other reading tools. Best psychic reading sites have various mediums for contact as well, such as phone readings, chat readings, and even video call readings.

Traditionally, if a person wanted a psychic reading, they would have to visit the psychic in person. Online psychics have made it more convenient for people looking for a reading from the comfort of their homes.

You can also try a free psychic reading online if it is your first psychic reading. Websites offer free initial minutes to clients to experience the chosen psychic method. This service is beneficial since it helps customers understand what to expect from an online psychic reading.

How Did We Choose the Top Online Psychic Reading Services?

The internet is ever-growing, with plenty of websites offering online psychic readings. We chose the top four online psychic reading sites while considering the following factors.

Years of Establishment and Experience

Top psychic websites have been around for many years. So, we started by looking at the experience level of each site. Websites that have been around ten years or more have had plenty of time to focus on quality, so we expect top-notch services from them.

Then we checked the experience of the psychics on these websites that offer online readings. Some psychics have been in the business for over 40 years, with vast experiences and opportunities to hone their talent.

Of course, less experienced psychics may be trustworthy and talented, and their opinions are also valuable. It’s simply a matter of personal preference whether you want to go for an experienced psychic or if you want to try something new.

Vetting of Selected Psychics

Many psychics online claim to offer psychic reading services, but how do you know if they are legit? Well, the best online psychic reading sites hire psychics after a proper selection and vetting process. These sites hire renowned or, at least, highly skilled psychics that give an accurate psychic reading to the customers.

Top psychic reading sites give customers the option of choosing their psychic readers. They can view the readers’ biodata, feedback, ratings, and other vital information that helps the customer make a knowledgeable decision. A client who knows the psychics’ background feels more comfortable while getting an online psychic reading.

Contact Method

Most modern psychic websites go beyond booking sessions and allow customers to actually get online psychic readings making the process easy and convenient. There are several ways to get online readings, like via phone, chat, or even video call.

People have been doing phone psychic readings since before the other options became available on the internet. However, just because it has been around for a while doesn’t mean that it’s the best for you. If you like to take your time thinking about the questions before answering your psychic, email or chat psychic readings might suit you better.

Although chat psychics are popular, some people prefer video calls since it is very similar to a real face-to-face psychic reading. It also establishes a closer connection with your psychic to get the best psychic readings.

A face-to-face session allows the psychic to evaluate based on visual cues such as facial expressions, environment, body language, and more. It gives them more detail and helps them in making a psychic reading.

Promotions, Deals, and Discounts

One of the most important features we considered is the cost of online psychic readings. Generally, there is no fixed price as it varies for each website and psychic, and some psychic readers charge a minimum of one dollar per minute. Top psychic websites offer various services for customers depending on their budget and choice of psychic reading.

We have chosen affordable and budget-friendly online psychic reading sites that offer good services. Some of them even give you free psychic readings and additional benefits. A free psychic reading platform is a great place to start for beginners who do not know what to expect and how the system works.

Some psychic websites also offer promotions, deals, and special discounts that you can avail of and get cheap but quality services. There are special promotions for first-time customers also.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Customer feedback, ratings, and reviews give an important insight into any psychic reading website. Thus, we chose the ones that satisfied customers.

There are plenty of other factors under consideration in addition to the factors mentioned above, such as refund, customer support, etc. Many sites allow you to consult a psychic advisor to choose the best service before spending any money.

Special Psychic Services

Online psychics offer many services to their customers. Some stick to traditional methods such as tarot, astrological readings, horoscope readings, spiritual readings, career advice, and love readings. Some psychics are brave enough to explore new options and make them available to customers, such as feng shui and more.

If you are certain about who you want as your psychic, you can make an appointment online and get a time and date.

Company Reputation

The psychic reading websites we chose for this article have a good reputation and have been around for more than ten years. It has given them time to establish a top website with excellent psychics that produce correct readings, satisfying customers.

What Are the Benefits Of Online Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings are available both online and offline. However, online readings offer a variety of benefits over offline readings. The advantages of using online psychic reading platforms are given below.

Privacy and Anonymity

People don’t like telling their friends, family, or co-workers that they are getting online psychic readings. Therefore privacy and anonymity play an important role. Online readings by phone or chat psychics preserve your identity, and no one will ever know you are using a particular psychic reading site.

It is another reason online psychic readers are becoming popular. After all, a person is easier to spot if they are visiting a psychic in person.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an important parameter that relay valuable information to clients. You can read the feedback about the website, psychics, and advisors. When customers are satisfied with a service, they always leave good remarks, praising the company and recommending the website to future clients.

Reading the feedback and reviews will help you decide whether the psychic website is suitable for you or not. You will also find reviews about online psychics regarding their services and general attitude during readings.

You must feel comfortable during the reading. That’s why customer reviews are important and help you understand what you are paying for.


Online psychic reading sites provide comfort and ease of use. Instead of traveling many miles to see a psychic, you can get readings from the safety of your home and your preferred form of communication. It saves precious time, energy, effort, and traveling costs.

The psychic sites are usually open 24/7, a bonus so you can get an online reading whenever you find the time for it.


When we talk about psychic readings, your mind probably sees a free psychic reader at the fair or sitting on the corner of a street. These kinds of services were quite popular in the past when the psychic would do dream analyses, use tarot card readings, and tell you about your past, present, and future. Unfortunately, such services were often a scam and not entirely safe to use as they could misuse personal information or steal valuable items.

Online psychic reading services provide physical and financial safety to their customers and the service they are paying for. A professional will perform accurate psychic readings online, guaranteeing satisfaction. Online websites also have safety features that will protect your personal information.


Offline psychic services charge more than online psychic advisors because they have to factor in overhead costs such as office space costs, bills, etc. They cover these costs by charging the customer a little extra.

Online psychic readers cost less since they do not need to care about overhead costs and are dedicated to providing the best service to their customers.

Free Psychic Readings Online

If you’ve ever searched for free online readings, you’re not alone. Thankfully, many sites offer this service which is a golden chance for you.

Sites that offer free online psychic readings grow their business by guaranteeing customer satisfaction and top quality, so the customer returns for a paid psychic medium and psychic source the next time. It is important to mention here that the online website is not responsible for whether you are happy with your reading or not. Maybe you were expecting a different answer to the question you had in mind, but there is no guarantee you will get that answer.

Instead, the best readings online offer satisfaction in terms of quality service, talented psychics, best psychic advisors, professionalism, accurate readings, and top psychic services.

The top psychic reading online sites are aware that customers may need to find out if they can work with their chosen psychic reader or not. That’s why they offer free psychic reading online services to help you decide after experiencing an online psychic reading. You do not have to pay anything, so there is no financial risk. Choose one of the many psychic readers you feel stands out the most.

The free online psychic reading is a bonus feature offered by some sites. It does not mean that the sites that don’t offer this feature are bogus, but it’s a benefit.

When browsing online sites, check if they have a free online psychic reading service. Avail the free reading if the option is there. Remember that the actual readings are different from the freebies since they are often prepared beforehand.

Various Psychic Mediums

Some readers use one particular method for readings, while others use many. Some focus on a single area of your life, whether related to your career, love life, etc., and others consider many aspects of your life in a single reading.

The best psychic reading sites we have chosen here have psychics with a depth of knowledge so they can consider multiple factors at once. You may ask several questions about various aspects of your life, and they will make psychic predictions. Qualified psychics will give you accurate readings. The sites we have listed in this article give you the details of the psychics so you can do your research before paying for a service. Free psychic readings are also a good option, especially if it is your first psychic reading.

Whether you are looking for love readings, life readings, tarot readings, phone psychic readings, dream analysis, chat psychics, or astrology readings, you will find what you are looking for in one of the sites mentioned above.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The best psychic reading websites offer guaranteed customer satisfaction in the form of accurate psychic readings. However, it’s important to note that online psychic reading services can only provide information about your life to the best of their abilities. They will interpret your questions and situations as well as they can and the best of their expertise. But the change you’re looking for in your life would likely come from you.

The terms and conditions are listed on each site. If you want something specific, review these rules to know what to expect.

FAQs About Psychic Readings

How Much Do Online Psychic Readings Cost?

The cost of online psychic reading platforms varies between websites and the readers. The psychic sites that have been around for a longer time and with experienced readers usually have a higher rate. The best psychics may charge a higher fee depending on their capabilities and the quality of their services. You can also find cheap psychics for lower rates, although their quality and accuracy will differ.

The best psychic reading websites mentioned in this article are affordable and not too expensive. Some online psychic services offer a free reading or trial period so you can check whether the website and psychic reader suit you or not without spending any money.

Do Online Psychic Readers Give an Accurate Psychic Reading?

Some of the best psychics are available online. The online psychic reading industry grows constantly, and top websites hire only the best psychics, ensuring customer satisfaction regarding quality services. Established, well-known, and skilled psychic readers are available on psychic reading sites. Each reader’s bio is mentioned on the website that customers can check before choosing a psychic advisor for their online psychic reading session.

The four best psychic reading sites mentioned in this article all have incredible psychic readers. You will get tarot readers, phone psychics, past life readings, and other psychic mediums for your online session, and they will make psychic predictions and give accurate readings for your chosen psychic source.

What Information Will I Get From a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading makes predictions about your future and also answers any questions you may have. Each psychic reader has a set of psychic capabilities that helps them make predictions. For example, a psychic may have exceptional capabilities of using tarot reading to look into the future and determine your fate.

Some psychic readers ask questions and make a prediction based on your answers. An online psychic reading platform is an easy and convenient way of getting answers and the best psychic readings from experts.

Are Online Psychics Trustworthy?

This article’s top psychic reading websites have trustworthy and talented psychics. These websites have received lots of praise, ratings, reviews, and recommendations from satisfied clients. You can use these sites safely and get accurate readings. There are plenty of psychics to choose from, and these websites offer a few minutes so you can see whether the service and psychic suits you.

Can You Get a Psychic Reading Online via Email?

Yes, you can get the real best online psychic readings via email. We recommend you opt for chat, video, or psychic phone readings to get the best experience possible. Psychics communicate with their clients in real-time, and it is easier for both parties when they are talking in real-time. It helps the psychic make correct predictions and readings that answer your questions.

Communicating through emails is also an option but is a slower process and takes more time. Just keep in mind that the psychic might need more time to interpret and make readings as it is not real-time and is based on the information you give him via email.

What Is the Difference Between a Clairvoyant and Mediumship?

Mediumship is a form of psychic practice that connects living beings with the deceased, whereas clairvoyants are people who can see the future. Some clairvoyants use their abilities to look into their client’s life and reveal hidden or overlooked details that give them clarity about certain life aspects. A psychic medium acts as a conduit and a form of relaying messages between beings in this world and the spiritual world.

Can You Get Online Tarot Psychic Readings by Phone?

Psychic websites offer psychic readings by phone, including tarot readings. When dealing with in-person tarot readings, the customer shuffles the deck, and the psychic makes a reading based on the chosen cards. Online psychics use an online deck of cards that the client can shuffle by clicking a button. If you are having a phone session, the reader shuffles and picks the cards for you.

Which Is Better – Psychic Phone Reading or Chat?

Both forms of psychic reading offer their own set of benefits. It is more important to find the right psychic and type of reading. The communication style gives clients options they can choose from, depending on their circumstances. Each option has pros and cons, which may affect the quality of your online reading.

Phone psychics need less time to predict because you can quickly convey your thoughts instead of wasting time typing them. A phone psychic reading can help the reader read your voice’s tone, mood, and other behaviors that will contribute to the reading. However, phone psychic readings may be a little expensive if you live abroad.

Talking to online psychics over chat is another convenient, secure option that preserves anonymity. You need a good internet connection to get an interrupted and smooth session with your reader.

Some people don’t like talking over the phone, so chat readings are a good option. At the same time, others grow tired of asking continuous questions over text and prefer phone readings.

What Is the Best Time for Consulting an Online Psychic?

You can book an online reader at any time of the day, depending on their availability. Most people seek a good online reader when they need advice on a relationship, career, new jobs, or other aspects of their life. Psychics are experts and offer advice to their clients that ease their troubles and help them make better decisions.

Are Free Psychic Reading Online Sessions Free?

Free psychic reading sessions are not always 100% free. The terms and conditions are mentioned on each website. Most websites offer a few initial minutes so that customers can get an idea of how the service works and what to expect from an online psychic session without paying anything. Once the customer is satisfied, they can choose a paid service for the psychic reading they want, a psychic source, and a choice of online psychic reading.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Site For Online Psychic Reading? 

Online psychic readers are a great alternative to traditional, in-person readers. They save time, energy, and money and give you an excellent psychic experience. Psychics are widely sought after worldwide for their valuable insights into a person’s life and predictions. They help clients make better decisions and ease their minds from constant worries.

The best online psychic reading sites mentioned in this article are all famous and well-established companies addressing the needs of many customers. They have a team of professional psychic readers that make correct readings and ensure customer satisfaction. The readers are all certified and legally qualified to offer their help to customers.

You can choose from many psychic methods for your reading, such as astrology, horoscopes, dream interpretations, love readings, career readings, tarot cards, and much more. Each type has experienced psychics available online that are reliable and trustworthy.

Several sites offer free initial minutes to customers so they can choose a suitable psychic source, service, and reader. A trial version is very helpful, especially if a new customer is trying their services for the first time.

Most websites require full payment after you have finished using a service, but some sites ask clients to make a minimum deposit before starting their psychic session. It ensures financial security for the company and promises a quality service for the client.

Choosing an online psychic from the best psychic readings online sites is an exce

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