Online Speech Therapy of 2022: Effective Communication Classes For Kids

Online Speech Therapy of 2022: Effective Communication Classes For Kids

Speech issues are pretty normal in our societies, but most people hesitate to admit their problems. The stigma attached to getting help from a professional therapist persists. Many people feel ashamed to admit that they have speech anxiety or speech issues. Sometimes, if a child has speech problems, his parents may refuse to acknowledge it and choose not to get it treated.

However, such an approach toward an issue can have a lifelong damaging effect. Everyone should understand the importance of getting professional help when they need it, and there is nothing to be ashamed of when suffering from an issue.

However, online speech therapy has made life easier because you can now privately get help. Your friends and family will not even know that you are seeing a therapist. Online speech therapy will save you from any shame you may feel from publicly addressing your problem, and you can get treated within the comfort of your home.

Since people prefer online therapy over in-person treatments, several online therapy companies emerge in the market every day. This makes choosing a company extremely difficult for the clients. If you are in the same boat and cannot decide on your online speech therapy company, we are here to help.

We came up with a list of the best online speech therapy platforms and carefully selected those that met our rigorous criteria. In this article, we will provide you with two of our best online speech therapy platforms that offer exceptional services. You can choose either one, and we assure you that you will not regret your decision. Both have teams of professional therapists and support staff that strive to make your life better within the comfort of your home. So, without further delay, let us begin.

Online speech therapy sessions are far better than in-person therapy services. According to surveys, they are proven to be more effective and helpful for people who suffer from speech sound issues, partly because there are not many physical speech therapy offices, even in major cities. It may be difficult for a lot of people to get a proper speech therapist within a reasonable distance. Hence, we recommend you use online therapy services instead of in-person services.

Here are the detailed reviews of the companies that impressed us the most among many others.

The Best Online Speech Therapy of 2022:

  1. Online Therapy – Overall Best Speech Therapy for Speech Impediment Online
  2. Talkspace – Most Recommended Learning Speech Site

#1. Online Therapy – Overall Best Speech Therapy for Speech Impediment Online

Online Therapy is a Swedish company that caters to several English-speaking countries worldwide. It offers a wide variety of therapies through licensed and competitive therapists. The therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to treat your problems.

The company believes in providing high-quality services to produce a long-lasting effect on the clients. All the clients are given particular importance and attention that convinces them to become regular customers of Online Therapy. The popularity of Online Therapy is primarily because of the toolbox they provide to each client.

The customers get the utmost care from the professional online therapy team that helps them grow as a business. So far, thousands of clients have used this service to cater to several issues, including speech anxiety or speech sound problems.

Online Therapy is a subscription-based service, and it provides access to many therapy-related activities such as a personal diary, tests, activity planners, worksheets, meditation classes, and direct messaging contact with your assigned therapists.

The client can choose their desired subscription plan, i.e., messages with therapists, voice or video calls, etc. Users like to navigate through the website of Online Therapy because it is easy to use and operate. Also, its design is highly appealing, so you instantly want to purchase their subscription plan.

The certified therapists at Online Therapy ensure customer satisfaction and gently guide you to overcome your fears or problems. While talking to them, you will feel like you are talking to a friend because they will make you comfortable enough to share your problems.

If you suffer from speech anxiety or other speech issues, you should consider getting help from Online Therapy. They will treat your problem by analyzing the core reasons that might be causing them. As such, it is an excellent option to consider.


Professional Therapists: Online Therapy has strict criteria for therapists to have at least 2,000 hours of experience in the related field. They believe in having a team of highly experienced and competitive therapists specializing in their area. In addition to qualifications, therapists need to have several other qualities, including patience, attention to detail, kindness, and good listening. They take strict measures to ensure a candidate fulfills all requirements before hiring. As a result, you should rest assured that you are in good hands and your problems will be carefully solved.

Selection of Therapist: Once you choose a subscription plan, the next step is to find the most suitable therapist according to your problem.  After assessing your initial interview details, the company will suggest a suitable therapist for you. The therapist is selected according to the level of your problem and the requirements of its treatment. Your emotional needs are prioritized while choosing your consultant. The ultimate decision-maker is you because you are in charge of finalizing the suggested therapist. However, each therapist does have a comment box where prior or current patients can leave reviews on their experience. You can check these out to decide whether or not you want to work with them.

Toolbox: Online Therapy provides you access to a personal toolbox which includes a diary, activity planner, worksheets, tests, yoga, or meditation recommendations. The toolbox increases the effectiveness of the therapy and might help you gain quicker results. It is an excellent addition to the therapy experience, making Online Therapy a favorite platform for many users.

Customer Support: Online Therapy provides 24/7 customer support to subscribers. Every user feels special because they get answers in time.


  • Direct 24/7 contact with a therapist
  • Several types of therapies
  • Access to toolbox
  • Qualified therapists


  • No mobile application

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Online Therapy 

#2. Talkspace – Most Recommended Learning Speech Site for Communication Skills

Talkspace is one of the oldest online therapy companies. The main goal of the company is to make therapy accessible for everyone. Since many stigmas are attached to mental health, people do not seek professional help. Talkspace solves that by providing an all-around platform for all your emotional needs.

So far, Talkspace has helped several clients overcome their fears, including a few prominent celebrities. The company’s modern and up-to-date website provides all the answers to a client’s questions and persuades them to buy the subscription. Moreover, Talkspace also has a mobile application that makes therapy organized, effective, and convenient.

Most of the therapy-related content is available on the application of Talkspace. It is a straightforward platform, and you will quickly understand the process. The client gets full authority to choose the subscription mode, and there are several ways to communicate with the therapist.

Once you fill out the form about the help you require, you will get recommendations for therapists. You can view the therapist’s profile and reviews to decide whether or not you want to choose him/ her.

All of the therapists on the team of Talkspace are licensed and certified, and they are highly experienced in handling all types of clients. If you have a prolonged issue, the therapists at Talkspace can help you treat it as soon as possible. The brand specializes in providing online therapy for autism spectrum disorders and other communication disorders through evidence-based approaches and building meaningful connections with each child and family.

The company offers various methods of therapy, so you can get the treatment according to your issue. Your therapist will assess your condition and recommend a tentative mode of treatment and analysis for you.


Ease of Use: Talkspace has created a user-friendly environment that is extremely easy to operate. You can easily navigate through the website. To further simplify use, Talkspace has an application that keeps track of your therapy sessions and health progress. Moreover, the sign-up process is super smooth.

Extreme Client Care: Talkspace prioritizes its clients and provides them with utmost care. After signing up, you get access to 24/7 messaging or any other mode of communication with the therapist according to your preference. The therapists are kind toward the clients, and they try their best not to hurt their feelings.

Qualified Therapists: There are highly qualified therapists on the Talkspace platform specializing in their respective fields. The vast experience of the therapists allows them to treat the patients while keeping their emotional needs in view. Such therapists are a lifesaver because they do not judge their clients and deal with them kindly.

Complete Privacy: Online speech therapy by Talkspace is an excellent choice if you want to ensure your therapist will maintain your confidence. All your conversations with the therapist are completely confidential and secure. No one other than your therapist can access your communication.


  • Qualified therapists
  • Various subscription plans available
  • Choose your therapist from the recommended options
  • Confidential contact with the therapist
  • Easy to use website and application


  • Only messaging subscription is not enough for serious issues

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Talkspace

How We Made This List of the Best Speech Therapy Websites Online

Our team had to do extensive research to develop an error-free list of online speech therapy sites. Since we are a team of perfectionists, we try to provide the best possible recommendations.

To come up with a list of the best online speech therapy platforms, we surveyed the market and created a list of all the brands providing their services in similar fields. Since the choice of therapy company is pivotal in maintaining and improving your mental health, we made our already strict criteria even more stringent so only legitimate brands can successfully pass.

The next step was shortlisting the most profitable brands, and we chose the ones that looked legit, trustworthy, and had an impressive list of therapists who were experts in their field. So, we made a list of 20 brands. These 20 brands were chosen based on first impression only, and then we moved on to the next step.

We decided to test each brand’s services to shorten our list further. Our team believes we cannot recommend a brand to someone unless we have closely observed and tested their services. Hence, we subscribed to each brand’s speech therapy services to see whether or not they are worthy of your money and time.

Only two companies fulfilled our requirements out of all the brands, and we are pretty impressed by their services. Our chosen brands are eager to provide impeccable services through highly competent therapists. The teams are highly professional, and they go above and beyond to solve their customer’s problems.

What We Looked For

We strictly followed specific criteria while choosing the best online speech therapy platforms. Here are some of the factors we considered during our selection process:

  • Qualified Therapists: A speech therapy service has several therapists on board to handle the speech issues of clients of all ages. These therapists need to be highly professional and kind towards the clients. They should help the clients by encouraging them to speak better. Such skills are a specialty of qualified therapists, and we ensured our chosen brands possess a hardworking team of therapists.
  • Credibility: Online speech therapy is beneficial, but at the same time, it can be a considerable risk. There are several platforms with incompetent therapists who are a waste of time. As a result, we tested the credibility of each brand to be sure their services were top-notch.
  • Subscription Prices: Another critical factor we considered while choosing the best online speech therapy platforms was subscription prices. These prices differ according to a brand’s service quality, qualification of therapists, and type of subscription. But, our main goal was to test whether the prices of all brands are justified or not. If a brand charges a hefty amount of money and lacks the quality of services, we immediately skip it.  Only the ones with reasonable and justified prices were chosen.
  • Customer Reviews: The next important factor in choosing the best online speech therapy was customer reviews, which give you a clear idea about a service. We calculated the ratio of good and bad reviews to see which ones were higher and the general impression of clients. Moreover, we closely observed the reviews of old customers of the companies to judge their worth.

Buying Guide: How Does Speech Therapy Work?

When choosing your online speech therapy service, you must be extra careful. Many companies offer their services, but not all are worth spending your money on. Selecting a useless service with incompetent therapists will not provide you with the desired benefits.

If you are new to speech therapy, it might be challenging to judge the perfect company. So, we decided to help you out by providing an essential guide that you can follow while choosing your online speech therapy service. If you follow these recommendations, then you will be on track to finding the best company for your needs.

  • User-Friendly Website

Whenever you consider an online service, the first thing you should rule out is a complex and hard-to-understand website. It is a huge turn-off for potential customers new to online therapy. An easy-to-use and simple website is essential when choosing an online speech therapy service for such customers.

If you are a person who does not get bothered by over-crowded or difficult websites, you can skip considering this factor. On the other hand, if you prefer more straightforward websites, pay close attention to the service website you consider.

However, as a general rule, a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website should be your priority. You should thoroughly scrutinize a company’s website before finalizing your subscription package.

  • Honesty

Another critical factor to consider while choosing a brand is whether the brand is honest and transparent. Many brands promise exceptional features, but their services are below average.

To be sure about a company’s credibility, you should go through their customer reviews to know whether they provide services according to promise or not. If you come across a negative review that specifically mentions dishonesty by the company, do not buy their subscription.

An excellent online therapy service will only claim the level of services they can quickly provide. They will never try to manipulate the patients with impossible promises. On the other hand, a scam company whose primary goal is to earn money will misguide the patients.

Hence, online speech therapy companies must deliver services according to their claims. You should analyze a company through its online reviews and ratings to judge its credibility.

  • Helpful Staff

Since online speech therapy involves direct contact of the clients with the therapists, you need to be sure that the staff is accommodating. They should understand your problems instead of being judgemental.

If you invest your money in an online service, it is natural to have high expectations from them, and your service provider should fulfill those expectations. The most fundamental demand is a kind-hearted therapist who treats the patient as a friend. A rude therapist makes the client uncomfortable, and they do not share all the details about his condition.

So, you should ensure the staff is kind enough to go above and beyond to solve your problems. Otherwise, if the staff is arrogant and unfriendly, your money will be wasted.

  • Customer Service

The customer service provided by any online speech therapy company is essential, and the customers should be given extra protocol and attention to feel welcome. If the customer service is not up to the mark, your questions will not be answered in time, which can be frustrating.

When you open a company’s website, there should be an efficient customer support team to provide answers immediately. A delayed or no response from the company representatives makes the clients frustrated, and they skip it as a result.

On the other hand, a company that provides efficient customer service and solves your problems immediately is worth the money. Your priority should be to find a reliable company with top-notch customer service so none of your questions go unanswered.

  • Affordability

The last factor depends on everyone’s budget. You should always inquire about a company’s subscription prices for online speech therapy. This way, you can choose the company that is most suitable for your budget.

Moreover, you should ensure the services provided by the company are according to the price that they demand. Do not pay a hefty fee for below-average service. Several companies on the market provide services valued at half the price that they charge. So, it is better to search and find a reliable company that provides excellent services at a justified price.

FAQs: Communication Coaching Classes

Q1. How does online speech therapy help the clients?

Online speech therapy is not less than any in-person experience. You are continuously in touch with the therapist to discuss your problems. The therapists are highly efficient, and they instantly try to help you out. However, in clinical checkups, you cannot stay in contact with the therapist. Every time you have to talk to a professional, you need to make an appointment.

But, once you subscribe to online speech therapy, you will have unlimited access to communicate with your assigned therapist. You can bug your therapist at any time if you encounter any problem.

Q2. Do I need online speech therapy?

If you face any speech-related issue, you surely need online speech therapy. If you are not comfortable speaking confidently or obtaining desired results, online speech therapy is the best way forward. Select an excellent online speech therapy platform, and check it before joining. Go through our buying guide before opting for any online speech service.

Q3. Is online speech therapy suitable for all ages?

Yes, anyone except infants can join online speech therapy sessions and improve their life. Few services do not provide services to all ages, so you must check the age group before joining. The fear factor, mental issues, and shyness to speak can arise at any stage, so all age groups need this therapy.

If your child is three years old and is still not speaking well, you must consider an online speech therapy service. They will be motivated and encouraged by the professional therapist, and your child may start speaking fluently and confidently.

Q4. Is online speech therapy expensive?

Online speech therapy is worth spending every penny on. It does not cost too much; usually, you can easily find cheaper services. But, we will suggest you go for an expensive and trustworthy service which offers good facilities during your sessions. Some cheaper companies do not offer good customer service, and some have complex websites that you or your child may not be comfortable using.

Only select those companies which give the best customer care, are user-friendly, are affordable, and offer a live session before payment to allow you to reject them if you do not like them.

Q5. How to know if I need online speech therapy or not?

There are various indications that can help you decide whether you need speech therapy or not. It is a therapy that helps overcome your speech anxiety issues and encourages a child to start speaking. In the end, it all comes down to your personal desire and decision.

However, you should not hesitate to seek help from professionals if you genuinely have speech-related issues. They will help you solve your problems in a better way.

Q6. Do online speech therapy companies accept insurance?

All online speech therapy companies do not accept insurance billing. You can confirm with your chosen company whether they accept insurance billing or not. Once you are sure about the company’s policy, you can buy their subscription plan.

Q7. What services do online speech therapy companies provide, and what are their age limits?

The services differ from company to company. But, the primary services provided include language disorders and impairments caused by an accident or natural, accent modification, stuttering therapy,  voice therapy, speech delays, etc. It depends on the company and the selected package as to which services are available for their clients. You must go for a company which provides your exact requirements.

Q8. How do online speech therapy services differ from in-person speech therapy, and which is better?

Online therapy service is a lot better than in-person therapy for many reasons. Online speech therapy services are hassle-free and very convenient for all causes. It gives flexible schedules and private sessions at your home. In an in-person speech therapy company, few therapists with limited fields/skills will be there, who may or may not be specialized in your problem. Whereas, in an online speech therapy company, a therapist who is a specialist in your problem will be assisting you throughout.

Q9. Do online speech therapy platforms provide free trials? 

No, most online therapy companies will not provide free trial periods. You have to be 100% sure about a company’s authenticity and effectiveness before investing money into it. However, if companies start providing free trials to the clients, we believe their numbers will increase.

Q10. Is online speech therapy effective for young kids? 

Yes, online speech therapy is equally effective for adults and kids. Since the therapists serving in these companies are highly experienced, they are well aware of handling children. The kindness shown by the therapist helps the child be motivated enough to talk more.

Within a few days of the therapy, you may see immense improvement. So, you should not be worried about the therapy failing, and you may be surprised to see the results. Children with expressive language disorders have difficulty using language to communicate their thoughts and ideas, making it harder to be understood.

Q11. My three-year-old does not speak much; is it too late to consult a speech therapist?

No, it is never too late to seek help from professionals. Whenever you or your child feels ready, you can contact any online speech therapist to get help. However, if you know that you must consult a speech therapist and you are still delaying the process, it can be harmful to your child.

So, do not assume that you are late for your child’s treatment, and consult the therapist as soon as possible. Your therapist will judge your child’s condition and guide you on whether they need the treatment or not.

Q12. Can I text my therapist any time of the day?

Fortunately, most therapy services allow you to have 24/7 contact with your therapist through messages. The therapist will respond according to their availability, but it is a great feature of online therapy companies. This way, you can share your daily updates with the therapist and discuss the improvements. You can also share your problems and get timely solutions for them.

It also helps build a friendly relationship between the therapist and the patient. The patient becomes more comfortable sharing life issues with their therapist, leading to better treatment.

Conclusion: Online Speech Therapy Improves Daily Social Life

Online speech therapy is an incredible resource that helps you and your loved ones with better communication skills and improved confidence levels. Previously, one had to compromise privacy and wait in a waiting room for extended intervals to have a session with a therapist. Such sessions sometimes cause discomfort, ultimately causing further lack of confidence. Not as many services for adults offer affordable online speech therapy for children, teens, and adults. We are helping people communicate at their best and get matched immediately with a licensed speech therapist.

Now, online speech therapy eliminates all such problems and is available to everyone within the comfort of their homes. Online speech therapy can solve your problems and help you gain lost skills, boost confidence, improve academic results, and improve your daily social life. You can select a suitable online therapy company for you or your loved one and start the sessions immediately. Before finalizing the therapy company, you must go through our buying guide, as it will help you in the intelligent selection of the company and save your time and money.

We discussed two of the best online speech therapy companies for your ease. You can choose either of them and start getting help from professionals, and you will not be disappointed. Their teams are highly professional, and they go above and beyond to deliver excellent results to the patient. The company helps clients through myofunctional and virtual speech therapy services, dealing with language, motor speech, speech sound, and voice disorders.

Once you check out the services recommended by us, share your feedback with us. We would love to hear your review. Good luck!

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