Best Astrology Sites: Top 5 Horoscopes & Birth Chart Readings Of 2022

Best Astrology Sites: Top 5 Horoscopes & Birth Chart Readings Of 2022

We are all stuck in an era full of uncertainties and hopelessness. With nobody to give us the guidance we need, we end up wandering around without any ambitions. But what if we told you there was a way to overcome this?

Indulging in astrology is one way to grow spiritually and find the meaning of life. It’s also a therapeutic way to share your concerns and connect with your advisor.

So, are you ready to let go of your inhibitions and enter the world of astrology? If so, then keep on reading, as we have put together a list of the best astrology sites and everything you need to know about the world of divination.

Top 5 Best Astrology Sites For 2022:

  1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Astrology Site Ranked #1
  2. Keen – Most Accurate Online Astrology Site
  3. Kasamba – Astrology & Tarot Readings Free For First 3 Mins
  4. MysticSense – Free Tarot Reading For 5 Mins
  5. AskNow – Best For Reading Zodiac Signs

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Astrology Site Ranked #1


Purple Garden has backed a spot in our list as they are considered one of the best astrology sites online. They are considered one of the top priorities when it comes to love and relationships. 

From the wide variety of online tarot readers, you choose the one that suits your needs and demands. For example, for love related queries, choose love and relationship astrology readers. To make things easier, you can filter your preferences and make things quicker and get readers instantly. 

All the psychic readers available with purple garden have been through rigorous training and extensive guidance. This was done to ensure only verified astrology readers are available on the website which brings desirable results as and when requested. 

Also these astrology readers are available during gazetted holidays and weekends as well. 

Each psychic sets their own rates for each session, therefore some may be inexpensive while others may charge excessive prices. 

Try Purple Garden today for the most accurate astrology readings on the market. 


  • Free access to their website
  • Money back guarantee
  • Periodical horoscope


  • Not all readers are available online every time


Wide Variety: Purple garden has all types of online tarot readers who are segregated into several categories. You can choose them according to your preferences. 

Easy assistance: Since these astrology readers are segregated into different categories and are available online at all times, one can get easy and quick assistance related to their queries. This helps them save time and money. 

Why do we recommend this?

Apart from all basic reasons, Purple garden has backed a spot in our list as all the readers are certified and tested on the website. They maintain all the professionality and also have collected positive feedback from all the customers. 

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Keen – Most Accurate Online Astrology Site


Keen is another popular and credible platform. Its expertise lies in psychic reading services from tarot card readings, spiritual advice, finding closure, love, financial outlook, family, and career.

You don’t have to worry about not finding a psychic that suits your requirements, as the site boasts over 1,700 advisors. The website also mentions all information about psychics which establishes trust between them and their clients.

The psychic advisors are professionals who have provided over 42 million life-changing sessions. Keen astrologers practice different types of readings, such as natal charts, tarot, mediumship, birth chart, Vedic, and Chinese astrology. You can book a Keen psychic session online and talk with them through your phone, video calls, emails, or chat.

The site aims to provide you with a reading session tailored to your needs, so you can easily filter psychics based on price, ratings, and area of specialty. So if you’re determined to learn more about what the universe holds in store for you, register today.


  • One of the cheapest and oldest psychic sites
  • Advisors are ranked and reviewed by the community
  • Available on Android and iOS devices
  • One of the best sites for birth charts


  • Lack of bilingual readers


Offers for New customers Keen has established itself among a competitive chain of astrology sites that can be attributed to their introductory packages that offer a 3-minute free reading for first-time users, a 10-minute session for $1.99, along with additional minutes when buying an introductory package. It also gives customers the upper hand by giving them the freedom to continue a specific service or not. Daily Horoscopes Keen also offers its users the option to subscribe to a personalized free daily horoscope newsletter. All it requires is basic information like name, email, and date of birth. You can even share it with your friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and so on. Match Tool Keen also has a built-in tool that matches you with a psychic based on how you feel at the moment, what kind of issues you’re facing, what type of guidance you need, and your interests. After answering such questions, the system matches you with a compatible psychic.

Why do we recommend this?

The reason why Keen is one of the best astrology sites is that it has always upheld its policy of maximum customer satisfaction. On analyzing customer experiences, we have observed that Keen has provided comfort, clarity, and an enhanced quality of life to its users.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen

#3. Kasamba – Overall Best & Free For 3 Minutes


Kasamba is one of the best sites for astrology, as it is the most accurate and best online psychic reading website. It offers a wide range of quality services such as tarot card reading, horoscopes, dream analysis, and fortune-telling.

It has a loyal user base of over 3 million people with a dedicated community of horoscope experts. They provide a portal for experienced psychic advisers to guide people with various concerns. These range from love-life advice, dealing with unstable relationships or ending them, finding life partners, etc., and extends towards career-oriented guidance.

Their website also regularly updates comprehensive free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes along with an annual love forecast feature for all zodiac signs. The psychics have their profiles visible to all users, which displays their services and fees. To access these profiles and book a session, however, you will need to create an account.

So if you’re curious about any issues regarding yourself and life, try out Kasamba today and get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  • #1 online tarot reading site
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live chat or phone readings
  • “Online Now” status option for astrology readers
  • Top Zodiac Signs Readers Available
  • Full refund after the session if not satisfied
  • Rate and review psychics after your sessions


  • Top psychics are pricey


Gifted Psychic Community   Kasamba harbors a sizable community of psychics, clairvoyants, and spiritualists skilled in their respective practices with years of experience. There are over 90 psychics with 5-star ratings, all very popular and highly sought out. Some also deal with paranormal phenomena and LGBTQ+ relations. Exciting Deals  Kasamba offers a wide range of promotional offers for new users. That includes a 50% discount coupon for their first reading, a 10-minute free astrology session, and 10% off when spending more than $25. These incentives give clients early exposure which helps establish rapport with their advisors. Kasamba also has a comprehensive range of daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope newsletters for regular updates on your zodiac signs. Customer Satisfaction With over 21 years of actively serving millions of customers, Kasamba is one of the best sites on the web. It has a strict customer-first policy that works to provide an unforgettable experience to its users. 

Why do we recommend this?

Kasamba is one of our top picks and has received many positive reviews from customers and experts alike. This site has trained psychics who are reliable, provide accurate readings, and ensure quality services. Customers have shared that they have become more stable in life and have found the hope and courage to start new endeavors.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#4. MysticSense – Free Tarot Reading For 5 Mins


MysticSense is one of the best sites that’s committed to helping people who are struggling with life problems and relationships.

You can choose among a large community of psychics who are experts in their respective domains. Having to select one among hundreds can be an overwhelming task, however, so MysticSense makes it easy for you with its smart-filtering system to help customize your searches and shortlist your favorites.

All psychics at MysticSense have undergone a rigorous and selective assessment and interview process to make sure they excel in their field. You can contact them via chat, phone, or video anytime. They’re available on holidays too.

Each psychic charges differently for each session so some might come cheap, whereas others might charge you exorbitant fees.

So, if you desperately need someone to listen to you and advise you, try MysticSense today.


  • Duration of the session is customizable
  • Full refund available
  • Get monthly horoscopes
  • Read articles and blogs on the site


  • It has less experience since it’s newer than other sites


Diverse specialties MysticSense consists of various psychics from different domains of astrology who are adept at reading your birth chart and energy. This site is known on the internet for its angel card readings and hosts one of the best online tarot readings. Assistance in making big life choices People struggle with decisions regarding education, changing careers, money, or lack the strength to break off relationships. MysticSense understands these problems and spares no expense in helping its customers overcome these. Sessions with psychics encourage them to become firm in their decisions and ultimately gain happiness. Early offers This site has introduced some fantastic offers for attracting new users. So, on signing up, you’ll be able to receive a 5-minute free trial to get a gist of what it’s all about. After this finishes, you’ll still get amazing deals that vary from psychic-to-psychic, starting from $1 per minute.

Why do we recommend this?

We cannot say it enough, but MysticSense is one of our top picks. Their psychics are very talented and certified. Along with its special offers for first-time users, its dedication to maintaining confidentiality is commendable. Customer reviews are mostly positive, and the site is well-received, as customers are deeply satisfied with their psychics.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MysticSense

#5. AskNow – Best For Reading Zodiac Signs


AskNow is one of the best astrology sites on the internet that has been active since 2004. It provides one of the best psychic reading and tarot reading services in the industry.

If you’re looking for a horoscope reader who matches your needs, then AskNow’s smooth interface will help you find one. Just scroll through a vast range of psychic profiles containing their experience, rates, specialization, location, and ratings, then select the one that suits you most.

Its team of psychic counselors, mediums, horoscope readers and spiritual guides is highly trained, with years of experience. They counsel customers on any problems they’re going through via phone, online chat, and video calls. They guarantee that all your data is protected and secured.

There’s also an option to seek advice without revealing your identity, so start using AskNow today and unlock a lifetime’s worth of wisdom and guidance.


  • Mobile-friendly (both Android and iOS)
  • First-time users get their first 5 minutes free
  • Bilingual speakers
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes


  • Master and elite level psychics charge per minute


Advice on Love life   Many are curious about when they’ll meet their life partner or if their current partner is the right choice for them. AskNow receives many love prediction requests, and they do a fantastic job in helping people find clarity.  Variety AskNow is one of the best sites for getting advice about love. On their site, you can choose from a wide range of categories such as astrology interpretation, tarot card readings, dream analysis, horoscope readings, chakra cleansing, spiritual advice, and more.  100% Customer Satisfaction For AskNow, customer feedback is of utmost importance. They strive to provide a wholesome experience, and the site ensures a full refund if you were not satisfied.

Why do we recommend this?

One of the main reasons we recommend AskNow is because of its customer satisfaction policy. Many users have expressed their appreciation for the psychics who helped them overcome their concerns, listened to them patiently, and helped them develop the courage to find love again. To all the animal lovers out there, they also have psychics for pets!

#6. Oranum – Best Spiritual Astrologers


Are you someone who’s not satisfied with just a few options? Then Oranum is the perfect choice for you. It’s one of the best astrology sites that lets you freely decide what type of reading you want based on a particular time zone and language.

The site is home to a host of psychics and spiritual advisors, each an expert in their specialty. You can view them live and interact for free astrology before signing up, which is a great way of experiencing their service before being committed to them with an account. But if you want it to be more personal, you can sign up for a private session and buy credits.

Going into the website, it has an appealing look, is easy to navigate, and has a systematic filter to browse through psychics. You can view their profile, check reviews, and read their bio to learn more about them.

Upon adding a verified credit card, you receive $9.99 worth of free credits to use. Sign up today for free.


  • Attend live readings anonymously
  • Available as a mobile app
  • Get free credits after signing up
  • Read through blogs on their site


  • Package prices are costly


Vast Category of Specialties Oranum has an extensive range of categories from which you can choose. It includes love, tarot, palm reading, rituals, dream interpretation, numerology, sound healing, and more. Free Psychic Chats What can be more attractive than free offers. Oranum has a scheme where you can chat with a psychic free of cost on registration. This is convenient as you get a snippet of what you’re signing up for before paying. Multilingual Psychics Oranum consists of psychics who can speak other languages besides English. You can also filter languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Chinese. Top 100 List Oranum has a Top 100 list on their page that displays the top-rated live psychics on the site and the points they have. This makes it easy to read their profiles by simply clicking on them.

Why do we recommend this?

One of the unique aspects of Oranum is that it allows potential customers to view live psychic readings as a guest without being coerced to pay immediately. You can seek the advice of professional psychics on family, finance, career, and love, etc., and access them via live video sessions. Or, if you’re uncomfortable, you can interact with them via chat. Overall, Oranum promises to deliver a good experience for astrology enthusiasts.

Steps Taken to Make This Horoscope Reading List 

The world today is all about convenience, and we aim to provide the same for you. To save your time and energy, we did the hard work by compiling a list of the top astrology sites on the internet so that you don’t have to. We assessed different sites to include the best psychic reading and love tarot reading online services. We surfed the entire internet scrutinizing customer reviews, expert opinions, and performances, and even tested them beforehand to give an honest and unbiased evaluation. These sites have been judged based on certain factors that are as follows:

  • Credibility

We checked how trustworthy the sites were and cross-checked them with the descriptions posted on their page. We also ensured the authenticity of their psychic guides by reading their profiles and the methods they used. 

  • Customer Experience

The most important criteria for using any online service are evaluated by reading through customer reviews and ratings. To avoid fake reviews, we scanned through different websites where people wrote about their experiences and rated these astrology websites. Thus, after taking their testimonies, likes-dislikes, and opinions about customer support into account, we finalized the list.

  • Price

We all desire high-quality services at affordable prices. But sometimes, to obtain exclusive offers and upgrades, you need to spend some cash. We have made sure to include only those sites that offer various promotional discounts and meaningful experiences worth your money.

  • User Interface

One of the main hallmarks of a good website or app is user-friendliness. It must be easy to use and navigate for people of all ages. The developers should keep in mind the appearance and make it as organized as possible. It’s also necessary to verify if these sites are compatible with phones with different operating systems like Android and iOS. The sites should also regulate the number of ads on their platform and avoid frequent site crashes.

  • Great Deals and Offers

Online services are struggling to make their brands known. So, many astrology and horoscope sites have started giving out promotional offers to attract customers. Besides getting promotional offers on signing up, these sites give additional discounts to encourage users to continue using their services. With that being said, we have done intense research by going through different websites, checking them, and testing their offers.

  • Maintaining Confidentiality

Online accounts are prone to data leaks by third parties, and there are also many cases of identity thefts. Nobody wants this. So, we have read through various sites’ security policies and checked them. We also made sure these sites had provisions for customers to share their grievances and report foul play.

FAQs On Astrology Sites 

Q. Are Horoscopes Similar To Astrology?

No, and that is a common misconception. Horoscopes belong to the category of astrology. It makes predictions about the individuals based on their birth chart readings. Whereas astrology is a discipline made up of many fields like tarot card reading, horoscope, numerology, divination, etc., it studies how the movement of celestial bodies impacts events.

Q. Are Online Psychic Readings Accurate?

Many are skeptical of psychic readings. But, generally online readings are more accurate than offline sessions. The lack of physical presence is advantageous because the psychic wouldn’t be influenced by your body language, appearance, and other cues. You can always do a background check on your guide and read reviews. Based on this, you can choose a skilled psychic. This option is unavailable in an offline mode.

Q. How Does An Online Psychic Reading Feel?

In online readings, the choice of selecting a psychic and topic is in your hands. Be it tarot card readings, runes, dream interpretation, or past life reading, it all depends on what you want to try out. The session begins with a small chat to make you comfortable; they sense your energy and try to form a bond. They use various divination tools, answer your questions, and make future predictions. But, you have to understand that one single session might not be enough. In some cases, there might be follow-up sessions too. You must be patient and be open-minded since you might not always be satisfied with the session. So, wait for a while as there’s a possibility of predictions coming true later on.

Q. What Should I Ask During An Online Reading Session?

There are no specific questions that you must ask, as it depends on what you want to know. You can find solutions regarding a relationship issue, seek career guidance, gain closure after the death of a loved one, or find out about your future. Depending on your choice, you should prepare your questions beforehand to avoid wasting time since psychics charge by the minute. Avoid simple “yes” or “no” questions, as you won’t be able to reap the benefits of astrology. 

Q. Can Your Psychic Do An Incorrect Reading?

Yes, believe it or not, your psychic can make inaccurate readings and predictions too. Maybe the psychic’s energy was off that day, or they were affected by your chaotic energy. They might have been feeling under the weather, or due to a lack of bond, you couldn’t relate to their interpretations. Despite this, give some time to see if their predictions come true or not since they might take time to manifest. If you’re still not satisfied, then you can always ask for a refund.

Conclusion – Which Astrology Site Should You Try?

Many people view astrology and psychics with a lot of skepticism. However, it’s always good to try out new things if they benefit you. Many people share their psychic reading experiences and how life-altering they were. Our personal preferences are Kasamba and Keen for being two of the most accurate astrology sites.

So, if you feel lost and have nowhere to turn to for advice, trying out astrology sites is a good option. Even if you don’t have any nagging issues, you can also check the astrology/horoscope sites listed above for fun.

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