Best Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval $5000: Top Lenders For Bad Credit Personal Loans

Excellent or fair credit does not always guarantee loan approval or the amount you want. It is worse for people with bad credit since many lenders have difficulty giving more than a specific amount for low or bad credit. Sometimes, you may find that the loan sum is not enough for the need or emergency.

Consequently, you may feel worse off than the next person without loan approval because you now have a loan to service even though it did not cover the need. The reason for low loan sums for bad credit customers is not far-fetched, but it does not always have to be so. This fact discourages many borrowers from getting much-needed financial assistance.

Another issue is the lack of financial education to inform borrowers of possible steps to take to get good loan sums even with bad credit. While it is true that many lenders would rather not work with bad credit, there are some lending platforms with credible lenders for bad credit customers. So, we have taken the step to find these platforms and select the most reliable on the market.

Top 5 Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval $5000 In 2023

  • MoneyMutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Personal Loans With Guaranteed Approval $5000, Editor’s Pick 
  • BadCreditLoans – Top Rated Site To Get Bad Credit Loans 
  • RadCred – Most Recommended Lending Company To Get Payday Loans 
  • PersonalLoans – Most Popular Online Platform To Get Personal Loans 
  • CashUSA – Best Site To Get Instant Cash Advance 

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Personal Loans With Guaranteed Approval $5000, Editor’s Pick 


One of the quickest ways to get emergency loans is to use MoneyMutual. Whether or not you have bad credit, the brand ensures borrowers get paired with a credible lender for the best services. It is not a direct lender but a marketplace where lenders connect with borrowers in a safe space.

While you can take a loan as low as $500, MoneyMutual offers loans as high as $5000. So, you may want to work with this platform if you have a bad credit score and need a $5000 loan. The personal loan is short-term, which means the interest rate is reasonable. All your transactions with the lending platform are online, so you can apply wherever you are.

The process is simple: fill out the form online, ensuring you provide all the required details. The details usually include your name, address, phone number, working bank account, and email address. The brand may require a few additional details, but most are easy to provide.

Submit the form and wait for a loan decision, which usually takes a few minutes. The most crucial step is to use the brand’s official website; it does not use third-party sites to avoid scams. When your application gets approved, MoneyMutual connects you to several lenders.

That way, the choice of a lender is up to you, not the lending marketplace. Also, you can compare rates and decide which works best for you. Then, the lender can send the required loan amount within a short period. MoneyMutual usually sends the money within one business day unless there are a few delays from the bank or you.

Keep in mind that you must check the repayment plan and determine whether or not it favors you. There is always someone to talk to if you have trouble with your application or need clarification on some aspects.


Loan Sums: MoneyMutual has a loan limit of $5000, but you can take as low as $500. The online platform does not limit the amount a bad credit customer can take, which draws many borrowers of all credit types. This opens the door for all income levels to access loans from anywhere.

Quick Delivery: Not only does MoneyMutual open the door for all credit types to access adequate loan sums, but it also delivers quickly. In most cases, the brand delivers within one business day, but it may also deliver within a shorter or longer period, depending on the surrounding circumstances.

Application Process: It is easy to apply for a loan through MoneyMutual. All you have to do is to go to the official website, fill out the form, and submit it. The site is easy to navigate, so you can easily find every resource for making the best of the loan.

Guaranteed Approval: There is almost a hundred percent guarantee of getting loan approval for all credit types. The brand does not keep you waiting but delivers a loan decision within a few minutes of submitting your form.


  • Adequate loan sum
  • Quick loan delivery
  • Easy application process
  • Smooth repayment plan
  • Excellent short-term emergency loans for bad credit


  • Service is not available in Connecticut and New York

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Top Rated Site To Get Bad Credit Loans


The service prides itself on connecting all borrowers with lenders, no matter how low their credit score. It does only a cursory check on applicants’ credit history, but it does not affect whether or not you get loan approval. The truth is that personal loans attract high rates, primarily because of the lack of collateral. The case is even worse for bad credit borrowers, but not when they work with this brand.

BadCreditLoans has a customer base of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Its years in the financial industry prove it is a trustworthy platform for meeting the right lenders and getting financial assistance. Moreover, securing a loan using the platform is easy, but you must use the right channel, the official website.

Go online and find the website. Once there, fill out the application form with details that will help the lenders decide if you are eligible and contact you when necessary. Submit the form and wait for the platform to reach you with a decision. One of the good parts is that you do not have to wait for long; BadCreditLoans decide within minutes whether or not you qualify for a loan.

Next, you are connected to more than one lender for negotiations. The connection makes it easy to compare the loan terms and interest rates to help you decide. Once you pick a lender, the platform allows you to iron out the contract terms to speed up the delivery time. Note that the BadCreditLoans brand is not a part of your lender choice or terms and conditions; everything is up to you. However, rest assured that there are only credible lenders within the brand’s network.


All Credits Accepted: BadCreditLoans accepts all credit types, including bad or poor credit. Its name describes the services it provides so that anyone who needs a loan can use the lending marketplace to meet a credible lender and work out the terms for quick delivery.

No Service Charge: The service is free. You do not have to pay for the service from the brand. It has other ways to secure payment to run its services. However, you should know that each lender may have extra charges that may affect the total sum you receive at the end of the day.

Adequate Loan Sum: BadCreditLoans offers loans up to $5000. The sum is enough to cover small emergencies, but you do not have to take the full amount. The loans start as low as $250, so there is a wide range of sums from which to select. Best of all, the full amount is available to all credit types.

Multiple Lender Connection: With one application, the online service can connect you to more than one lender. This makes it easy to compare rates and make the best loan decision based on the terms and conditions.


  • Accepts all credit types
  • Prioritizes customers
  • Excellent and free service
  • Total loan sum available to credit types
  • Easy to access and use


  • No involvement in loan negotiations
  • Stricter regulations for bad credit

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred – Most Recommended Lending Company To Get Payday Loans


Radcred is a secure online lending marketplace for borrowers to meet credible lenders for a mutually-beneficial transaction. With over twenty years in the industry, RadCred already knows the deep needs of borrowers, so it works hard to meet them halfway by providing a safe space and credible lenders for the best results. Since many Americans cannot provide a few hundred dollars in an emergency, it is usually difficult to get out of a challenging financial situation. Fortunately, the platform is always available to provide financial stability when most needed.

One of the most significant aspects of the brand is that it has a maximum loan sum of $35,000 with no credit check. This makes it easy for all credit types to get good loan sums, including bad credit. Since it accepts all credit types, you can get as much as $5000 or more with bad credit. That is if you provide its requirements and meet the eligibility criteria.

Like other platforms, RadCred has an online presence. Its official website has an application form with basic requirements to start the loan process. Fill out the form with your name, address, valid means of identification, phone number, and bank account specified. Some other information may be necessary, but note that all credit levels use the same form to level the playing field.

Once you submit the form and get a loan decision, which usually takes only a few minutes, the platform connects you to several lenders within its network. The same applies to credits, whether you have excellent or bad credit. Multiple connections are a great way to check different lenders, find out how their terms work, and which is the most favorable for your specific needs.

RadCred allows a repayment period of about 72 months, depending on the agreement between you and the lender. However, note that the longer a loan takes to repay, the higher the interest rates. Nevertheless, the rates are still some of the best in the loan industry, and the services are excellent. There is always someone to answer your questions at any time.


Secure and Private Website: One of the brand’s primary steps is ensuring its site is secure for transactions and information storage. RadCred’s website is not only secure but also private so that you can perform transactions and store information without the risk of losing it or being a victim of voyeurism.

Flexible Terms: The platform is one where you can request a different repayment schedule if the previous one is not favorable. You can reach out to the lending platform or talk with the lender to reach an agreement that fits your income or budget. You can also reschedule a missed payment if you do not default on payments and make a timely request.

Repayment Schedule: RadCred stretches the loan repayment period to 72 months, allowing every income level to pay the money back comfortably. Of course, this period does not automatically apply to all borrowers; you must agree with your lender on how many installments to pay.

High Loan Sums: RadCred offers loans as high as $35,000. While bad credit may not access the full amount, it widens the room for negotiating the required amount. That way, you are not constrained in how much to ask, as long as you can comfortably pay it back.


  • Negotiable terms
  • Extended repayment period
  • Accessible for all credit types
  • Wide range of loan sums
  • Private and secure website


  • Lengthy requirements may apply to bad credit
  • A stable income source may be required for eligibility

=> Click here to visit the official website of RadCred

#4. PersonalLoans – Most Popular Online Platform To Get Personal Loans 


PersonalLoans is a top-tier company for securing personal loans of all types. It operates an online installment loan service where you can connect with different lenders for loans. The company does not directly lend to borrowers but acts like a middle-man to help borrowers access credible lenders. It provides a large marketplace, working with multiple lenders willing to work with all credit types, including bad credit.

One distinguishing feature is that PersonalLoans has a network of lenders separate from the traditional lenders within its network. This third-party network works as a stand-by to help when there is no available lender within the immediate network for a borrower. The company can reach out to this other network, making it easy to find a suitable lender for all borrowers in the marketplace.

However, you must provide more details during the application process than other companies may require. Some borrowers say it is too detailed, but it is a way to eliminate the need to come to any physical office to submit additional documents if necessary. Besides, it is necessary for bad credit because of the nature of the loan. Also, the company usually ensures borrowers get a connection to more than one lender with a single application.

PersonalLoans offers loans up to $35,000, but you can take as low as $1000. The full sum may not be available for a borrower with a bad credit score, but you can apply for up to $5000. Before settling for a lender, you must check all the terms and ensure you understand the requirements. Once you fill out the form and submit it, the company reaches out to the lender network for suitable options and connects you to them. Check their websites to view terms and rates, comparing one to another. That way, you choose the most suitable lender.


Multiple Connections: You get more than one lender connection with a single application. Not every online lending platform offers this option, but it makes it easy for a borrower to get the best rates and terms available within the marketplace. Rest assured that PersonalLoans connects you to reliable lenders; it does not work with scams.

Vast Lender Network: PersonalLoans uses a wide network of lenders to provide loans for borrowers. There is always a lender for a borrower, but if there is no available lender within the immediate network, it uses the third-party network. This setup helps the platform to ensure customer satisfaction, no matter the credit score.

Extended Repayment Time: The company has a repayment plan that stretches to 70 months. This works for all income levels so that there is no strain on incomes or budgets. Nevertheless, you may want to make timely and quick payments to reduce the interest rates.

Detailed Requirements: PersonalLoans has a long list of detailed requirements to determine eligibility. Since it does no credit check and accepts all credit types, getting all the necessary information for security is only fitting. The platform will never disclose your information without getting your consent.


  • Reasonable interest rates and annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Large lender network
  • Considerable loan amounts
  • Secure and easy-to-use website
  • Extended repayment period


  • Borrowers must have an income source
  • Unavailable in some parts of the country

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

#5. CashUSA – Best Site To Get Instant Cash Advance


You may consider using CashUSA if you have tried other options and none is willing to work with bad credit. The platform hardly turns any borrower away, especially not because of bad credit. While it carries a credit check on its customers, it is only perfunctory and serves to fulfill a simple purpose. However, it does not affect your approval or how much you receive as a loan.

Several personal loan options are available with CashUSA, such as payday loans, even with bad credit. Personal loans are unsecured loans, meaning you do not need collateral. You can select the one that works best for you. However, you have access to $10,000, and you can start as low as $500. That means you can take a $5000 loan even with a bad credit score, and the platform makes it an easy process.

Go to the official website and fill out the available form to begin the process. Provide the necessary details and submit the form. You should receive the application’s response within a few minutes after submission. CashUSA has a reputation for approving loans of all types, and the primary reason lies in its vetting process. In other words, lending money to borrowers may not require high credit scores, but it uses other criteria to determine eligibility.

From there, the platform contacts its lender network with your application to find several suitable options. You may receive a few choices to make room for selecting the best. Ensure you compare them before settling for one lender. One of the most crucial aspects is the interest rates; they must be favorable to make the loan repayment easier.

Additionally, check the repayment period; some offer fewer months than others. The best lenders should offer at least 36 months, although it may affect the total amount you have to repay.


Loan Availability: CashUSA makes loans available to all credit types and levels. It helps to level the playing field in the loan industry by enabling those with bad or low credit scores to access loans easily. This is one of the reasons the company ranks high and has many positive customer reviews.

Customer Priority: The company prioritizes service delivery and customer satisfaction. So, it has customer service that caters to customer queries and issues at any time of the day. It also welcomes user feedback to check areas where there is a need for improvement, making it one of the most customer-friendly platforms.

User-friendly Site: The brand’s official website is easy to use, so you can find helpful resources to educate yourself on correctly using the loan. Finding, filling out, and submitting the application form is also easy. You can log into the platform anywhere as long as you have a secure connection.

Loan Sums: CashUSA offers $10,000 and starts from as little as $500. It differs from what you get from other platforms, but you can access the full amount like others. That is if you meet all the eligibility requirements.


  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Reasonable loans
  • Private and secure
  • Simple application process
  • Customer priority


  • Possibly high-interest rates
  • May require too much personal information

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

How We Made The List Of Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval

We followed certain steps to ensure we picked the correct online services to guarantee bad credit installment loan approval.

There are many services to select from, but not all can provide what you need. First, we looked at the brands available and their reputation.

We picked only those operating with a license within industry standards. This reduced the number by a significant amount. Next, we checked the application process. Many services have an easy online process, but not all have a straightforward one. So, we picked online installment loans with the most credible services.

We further narrowed the list by checking the loan sums and the delivery period. Each platform has specific loan sums, and only a few are willing to guarantee a $5000 loan for bad credit customers. Many restrict the amount, capping it at $2500, which may be insufficient for some emergencies. Furthermore, we picked those with short delivery periods.

We considered the nature of most loan requests and realized that they are usually emergencies. Therefore, a selected lending marketplace must deliver within a day or two after the application submission.

Additionally, we compared interest rates and picked only those with favorable ones. Bad credit typically attracts high-interest rates, but a few platforms have methods of working around the rates to help borrowers make timely payments. These criteria and a few more considerably narrowed the list and presented only the most credible platforms.

What We Looked For $5000 Personal Loan With Poor Credit?

Here is a breakdown of the criteria that helped us create this list:

  • Brand Reputation: We thoroughly researched the brands on our list to ensure we select only the most credible ones. The nature of their services means they will have to deal with many personal and financial details, so privacy and security are crucial.
  • Loan Sums: The primary purpose of selecting these services is the amount available to lenders, even those with poor credit. Therefore, we picked only those with lenders within their network to provide customers with up to $5000  bad credit personal loans. They must be flexible with the sums and not lower them for some borrowers.
  • Delivery Period: It was important to find the best platforms to provide the right loan sums and deliver them on time. It is one thing to get the best services for loan needs, but it is different to get quick delivery. A delay in sending the money may make the point of getting a loan moot.
  • Interest Rates: The interest rates can make or mar a loan experience. They can significantly increase the amount you repay to the lender or make repayment easy. Not every lender has high rates; some use favorable rates to help low-income earners. So, we searched for lending platforms with good rates for all credit levels.
  • Repayment Terms: We selected services with flexible repayment terms to make loan servicing easy. These terms should not strain your income, although long-term personal loans attract high-interest rates. In other words, the longer it takes to repay the loan, the higher the amount you have to pay.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval $5000

After learning about the most reliable platforms to get bad credit loans with guaranteed approval for $5000, it is crucial to know how to narrow your list further. While it is excellent to have multiple options, selecting one that meets all your specific needs is better. Therefore, we created a buying guide to help you determine what to look for when choosing an online lending platform.

  • Loan Terms

The first factor is the loan terms. Different lenders offer varying terms based on their operating principles. There is usually no general rule for what the terms should contain, but there are guiding regulations to which each lender must adhere.

Therefore, carefully read the terms to ensure they are favorable before agreeing with the lender. These terms usually show possible extra charges and what the lender expects you to pay. These charges come from the loan, which may affect how well the loan covers the expenses. Discuss with the lender to see if they can waive some charges and make the terms flexible.

  • Amount

The loan amount is another key factor to consider. Some lenders offer a maximum of $2500 to bad credit borrowers, so you must be sure that the lending platform you choose provides the required amount. There is no point in agreeing with a lender unwilling to loan up to $5000 because of your credit score. That means carefully checking the terms on the websites and how bad credit affects the loan sum.

As mentioned before, some lenders demand extra charges. They deduct these charges from the loan sum before they deposit it into your account. Therefore, consider this when deciding the amount you need; a reduction in the total sum may affect how well the money covers the expenses. It may be worse than not getting any loan because you have to pay the money back without the satisfaction of solving all the problems.

  • Interest Rates

The interest rates and annual percentage rates differ from one lender to another. While one lender may work with the market rates, another may set stable rates. Working with the market rate may affect the total sum you repay because it fluctuates. The amount may keep changing as you see changes in the stock market. However, working with stable rates informs you of how much to pay, even if it takes many months.

Therefore, check for competent rates on the market and select the best ones that fit your income and payment schedule. The contract terms and the loan sum directly affect the total amount you repay. You must remember that every lender treats it as business, so they look for borrowers with the potential to pay on time. It is not always a favorable setup, but a few lenders still have excellent terms.

  • Eligibility Requirements

Each lending platform on our list has specific requirements, although most demand the same things. However, exceptions exist, such as asking for military background or house ownership. These are not typical requirements, so you may want to check each lender and learn what they need. These requirements are crucial to determining eligibility because of the lack of credit checks. That way, the lenders can rest assured that they are running their business at a loss.

For example, some lenders have a minimum credit score they do not compromise. They may work with bad credit borrowers, but they may be averse to those with extremely low or no credit. So, you may want to check your credit score and see if the lender you choose has a minimum score requirement. If they do and you do not meet it, you can look for another lender.

In addition, some insist on lending only to those with a job or a source of income. Before choosing a lender, determine if they make having a job a criterion. If they do, see how much the minimum income you must earn is to become eligible. For some, it must not be a regular job; any income source will do as long as it is legal and steady.

  • Payments

The schedule for paying the loan back is also crucial to the experience. Some lending platforms offer a significant number of months, while others have only a few months. The shorter the loan duration is, the better the rates and service charges.

However, making payments within a short period is not always convenient, especially if the money is substantial. Moreover, you do not want to fall back on payments because it may hurt your credit history and further mar your score for future purposes. Consider speaking with the lender to create a more flexible repayment schedule if they are amenable to it.

That way, you can work around your income and make timely payments. The earlier and more timely you make payments, the better the chances of improving your credit. Some lending platforms may submit reports to credit bureaus, which may reflect on your score or history.

  • Customer Support

The brand you select must have excellent customer support to assist borrowers at any point. Consider contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to learn all you need to know about how well the brand supports customers. This is an essential part of getting the best experience. Not every platform has the right support, so you may want to ensure the brand you choose excels in this area.

FAQs About Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval $5000

What Is The Minimum Score Required To Get A $5000 Loan?

No specific credit score qualifies you to get loan approval for $5000. The truth is that different lenders use various criteria to determine eligibility, including the credit score. That means you must check individual lenders for minimum scores, especially if you have bad or low credit.

Is It Possible To Get A Bad Credit Loan Approval For A Large Sum?

You can get a bad credit loan approval for a large sum, but you must meet certain criteria. If you want a high amount, your credit rating must improve. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make your score better. One way is to pay other debts back and make timely payments. This is particularly helpful if some negative marks on your credit report are already aging off.

What Is The Best Loan Type For Bad Credit?

Secure loans are the best for bad credit because you use collateral instead of relying on your credit history. You can also opt to use a payday loan because the lenders check your earnings per week or month instead of your credit. It makes getting financial assistance easier. Yet another option is to use pawnshops; use a valuable piece you own to get the money you need. You can get it back when you repay the loan.

Conclusion: Is It Hard To Get A $5000 Loan?

Bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval for $5000 are not always easy to secure, but they are not impossible. You will find credible online lending marketplaces that offer this loan type in this article. We have reviewed each one to show its strengths and weaknesses so that you can make an informed choice.

However, selecting one may still be challenging, especially if you are unsure what to look for in a suitable platform. Therefore, we created a buying guide to help you further narrow the list and pick the platform that best suits your needs. Check the interest rates, repayment terms, loan amount, and contract terms. Additionally, ensure you determine its customer support credibility before picking a platform.

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